Step by Step guide to selling on local(868)

We make it easy for you to sell more while increasing the efficiency of your business.

Step one - choose a plan and submit an application

We Sell (free)

With the We Sell plan, your products are sold and fulfilled by LOCAL(868). This plan is free. All you have to do is supply your product and we’ll handle the rest. Submit an application to get started.

You Sell (paid)

With the You Sell plans, you are provided with a digital store which is managed by you and your team. We set up your store with everything you need to get started. Orders received are fulfilled by your business. 

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Step two - vendor registration

When you are approved for the We Sell plan, you are required to complete a vendor agreement which is subsequently sent to you and arrangements to receive your products are made.

When you are approved for the You Sell plan, you are first required to pay the membership annual subscription fee by claiming or creating a listing. The vendor registration form is sent subsequently.

Step three - get familiar with store manager (You Sell)

Once you are successfully registered as a You Sell vendor, you will have access to Store Manager which allows you to set up your store, add products, view orders  and more.

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Setting up your account

Have the following handy when you are ready to set up your account:

  • Store Logo (125×125 px)
  • Store cover image/banner (1650×350 px)
  • Mobile cover image/banner (520×250 px)
  • Bank details for receiving payment

Step four - adding your products

Your product listings must follow best practices to ensure shoppers enjoy their experience which sets you up for success. The following is what you’ll need to create your product listings.  

  • Product Name
  • Product Description (short and detailed)
  • Product Price
  • Product Images
To add new products go to Store Manager > Products

Ensure a successful product listing

Product Variations

If you have variations of the same product, choose variable product. Enter attributes such as colour, size and so on, then enter the variations (pink, green etc). Otherwise choose simple product.

Product Image

Product images must be placed on a white background and sized between 500x500 px and 1000x1000 px
We offer product photography or photo editing services to our members.

Step five - link your products to your listing

The LOCAL(868) website is used to discover the best stuff in T&T. Customers may find you through your listing or through the shop feature. Ensure your products show up in both places, so that customers can easily shop your products.

Under your profile, click on My Account to view and edit your listing.  Under products search your products and add them. View the store tab under your listing to ensure products are displayed.

Fulfilling your Orders

Our members can purchase packs and boxes from us at an affordable price. If you would like to use our courier service to fulfill your orders contact us.

Getting Paid

Proceeds from sales are deposited into your bank account monthly.

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