Vendor Plans and Fees

Everything you need to know about the cost associated with selling on LOCAL(868).

Vendor Plans

Take your business online. Sell your products and services on the LOCAL(868) marketplace.

We Sell

Orders fulfilled by LOCAL(868)



Suitable for those who would like to increase their monthly sales without the hassle of running yet another store.

You Sell Business

Manage your own digital store



Per year

Suitable for those wanting to get started with e-commerce. Orders are fulfilled by your business. 

You Sell Monthly

Manage your own digital store



Per month

Suitable for those wanting to get started with e-commerce and prefer to use a monthly plan. Cancel anytime.

* You Sell vendors must also pay annual listing membership in order to sell on the LOCAL(868) marketplace.

Other Fees

Credit card processing fees are split 50/50 between the seller and the customer. Sellers are charged 1.478% plus 0.98 per transaction.

A fee of $3.00 is charged each month when processing the deposit of monies received from sales into your bank account.

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