Get the Appropriate Logo for Your Brand

Does your logo match your brand?

You may end up leaving customers confused or simply unable to connect with your brand if your logo does not match your brand.

A great logo is memorable, appropriate, recognizable, simple, original and versatile.

Make a strong first impression

Project a professional image

foster brand loyalty

Types of Logos

Wordmark or Logotype

This logo type is simply an acronym, a company or product name that is done in a distinctive font and may have special typography treatment.

Lettermark or Monogram

Similar to the wordmark, its unique design focuses on one or more letters. Usually the company’s initials.

Pictorial Mark

Pictorial marks use literal and recognizable image icons that represent the company, the company name, product name or some characteristic of a brand.


An illustrated character (usually personified) that represents your company. Note however that this type of logo is less versatile and can be problematic to miniaturise.

Abstract Mark

An interesting/unique shape that is strategically made to be ambiguous. It represents an idea but is not instantly recognizable.


An emblem logo is one where the company name sits inside a symbol or icon. It often resembles a crest or seal and neither name nor symbol is ever isolated.

Combination Mark

This is usually a combination of a pictorial or abstract mark and a word mark. They may be intertwined, stacked or placed side by side.

How we help you

Logo Design

We collect information on your business and brand style to ensure your logo is the perfect match for your business. Depending on your requirements, we may work with freelancers. 

Your completed logo will include any or all of the following:

  • Your final logo design in multiple formats (e.g. AI, EPS, PDF, PSD, JPG, PNG)
  • Logo variations
  • High-resolution, vector format for printing

  • Web-optimized format for website, social media and other digital needs

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